Womens History Month: A Woman's Perspective.

Saturday, April 08, 2017 at 5:00 PM

In celebration of Women's History Month:
"A Woman's Perspective"

Curated by Sherry Dooley

Showing through April 8, 2017.

This curated National Group show features diverse female artists from around the country celebrating Women's History Month.

Participating Artists:

Rondi Casey- Huntington, NY
Caitlin Clifford- New Orleans, LA
Jenna Colby- Erie, PA
Sherry Dooley- Portland, Or.
Eden Folwell- Los Angeles, CA
Sueey Gutierrez- Long Island
Dorothy A. Holmes- Bend, OR
Maria Kramer- New Orleans, LA
McKayla Lankau- Long Island, NY
laura shuran meseroll- Lansing MI
Yvonne O’Gara- Velarde, NM
Kat Ryalls- New Orleans, LA
Dominique Steffens- Napa, CA
Tracy Wisehart-Plaisance- Cut Off, LA

From the Curator, Sherry Dooley;
“I wanted to curate a show, which comes from the body, soul and mind of women. We are creators of beauty; we are creators of the ugly, the truth, the lies, the underworld, the sky and humor. We are creators.

Carefully, I hand picked women that express themselves via the world in which they live. We are not all the same. This group of women artists is diverse in their work, as each woman sees the world around them through different eyes. Their eyes. Coming from different parts of the country, I believe the art they create represents our country as a whole. That’s what we need right now – unity, yet in different forms.

It’s a perfect time to showcase a woman’s perspective, as we celebrate Women’s History Month. In a time where it seems that men dominate our choices, our bodies, our way of thinking and even the art world: Our perspective won’t be silenced.”


Ellen Hallie Schiff & Chris Ann Ambery

Saturday, April 22, 2017 at 6:30 PM

Join us for a night featuring the wonderful work of Ellen Hallie Schiff and Chris Ann Ambery!

E H Schiff: is an award winning Abstract Artist in New York who has enjoyed years of professional success. She is the Vice President of The Art Guild of Port Washington; Art Advisory Council, at the Port Washington Library. She is represented in places as far as Munich and as close as Philadelphia, PA.
"When I am painting, mark - making and scratching, it connects me to primitive people living in caves long ago; something like a cultural consciousness or collective unconscious. I am both living then and now simultaneously. An essential truth seems to come alive when I use my body to create my paintings - something visceral and muscular; a directness that feels so “right”."

C A Ambery: is a local Long Island artist currently residing in Smithtown, NY. She received her MFA in Printmaking at LIU Post. Exploring non-toxic printmaking methods has become a passion of Chris Ann’s. She has been working with Master Printmaker Dan Welden who introduced her to the innovative, and incredibly versatile non-toxic form of etching called Solarplate. Recently she organized artist workshops and curated “The Print Parade” exhibition at Dan Welden Studios in Sag Harbor, NY. Chris Ann teaches painting, watercolor, drawing, and printmaking classes and is
passionate about sharing her knowledge and love for art.


Rick Wenner

Saturday, May 27, 2017 at 6:00 PM

Rick Wenner is an award winning portrait photographer based here on Long Island, who is well known for a diverse career wandering New York City. He has photographed for such companies as FCB Health, Gotham Magazine, Hampton's Magazine, Inked, Long Island Pulse Magazine, MAXIM, New York Observer, Reader's Digest
Sports Illustrated, The Wall Street Journal, Stony Brook Medicine and Stony Brook University.

Join us for a night of celebrating the elegance of traditional portraiture, featuring Wenner's photos of The Patriot Guard Riders.

What began five months after witnessing The PGR escort his close friend Sgt. Ryan Dickinson to final rest, and seeing the impact of this important role they play for these families first hand, "The Patriot Guard Riders of NY." Became a prided collection of Rick Wenner's photographic effort.
He began the journey of capturing these people, to not only honor those who honor these soldiers, but to provide an insight to the general public of what these men and women do here on Long Island. To show regular people the tangible support this group provides both emotionally, and physically with their presence and to give them the respect they do not ask for.

The group itself was originally enacted as a citizen honor guard for those fallen in service, to provide escort for the deceased on their journey, usually from the airport to Calverton National Cemetery. It is made up of not just veterans and bikers either, but of parents of soldiers currently enlisted - "Blue moms, and dads", to parents of soldiers deceased - "Gold moms and dads". Non-military citizens are of course welcome and children even, otherwise known as "The Little Patriots", stand proudly in the flag line.