Tom de Gruyl
Tom de Gruyl, a self-styled "drawist" made his first public foray into the Fine Art field in 1979. Following his first solo exhibition that year, he received honors at many local juried events on Long Island and the New York metropolitan area. As his nature-based, semi-abstract work matured in the 1980s, de Gruyl escalated his involvement with artists' groups and teaching. The 1990s saw a gradual withdrawal from public view. Following a fifteen-year hiatus, de Gruyl reemerged in 2011 to commence what he terms his "second career", characterised by a more visceral, memory-based abstraction. He is currently creating a body of work under the collective title, "Amnesia", which he describes as a "visual memoir", derived from "mental snapshots" of his seminal life experiences.

Works by this Artist: