Jim Kogel
"Born in 1947, raised on Long Island and graduated with a BS in Civil Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University in 1970 and currently live and work locally. My interest in painting began freshman year. While in college I took a few drawing classes and studied art on my own after I finished my homework. My art education came from friends, observation and a few friendly teachers. I work in series and generally shift my focus after 4 or 5 years.I have a “day job” and paint at night and weekends. Prior to this show my paintings have been shown at Queen of Martyrs Church, Atelier Studio in Oyster Bay, and in the Annual Survey show at Sideshow Gallery in Wiliamsburg."

"I have been working with images of women made by renaissance artists for 6 years. I recently started using vintage images of ballerinas as well. I choose images that appeal to me. The work surface consists of at least 3 layers of newspaper saturated and adhered to canvas with polymer medium. The pages are selected quickly and sprayed to neutralize their acidity prior to being assembled. I draw the images with charcoal on the newspaper after it’s adhered to the canvas. They are then painted with a mixture of acrylic paint and glaze and then varnished.
Renaissance artists used real people as models for great works. Although my context is different, I try to maintain and respect the integrity of the original work. The grid is helpful for accurate draftsmanship however I don’t make exact copies of the source material. My use of color and composition is intuitive. I make whatever changes are necessary to complete the painting. I am somewhat selective about the content of the newspaper however relationships that viewers find between text and the painted image are often accidental."

Works by this Artist: